Fascist America in Ten Easy Steps


From Hitler to Pinochet and beyond, history shows there are certain steps that any would-be dictator must take to destroy constitutional freedoms. And, argues Naomi Wolf, George Bush and his administration seem to be taking them all:
George W Bush
1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.
2. Create a gulag.
3. Develop a thug caste.
4. Set up an internal surveillance system.
5. Harass citizens’ groups.
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release.
7. Target key individuals.
8. Control the press.
9. Dissent equals treason.
10. Suspend the rule of law.

George W. Bush: “A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there’s no question about it.”

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.

After we were hit on Sept. 11 2001, we were in a state of national shock. Less than six weeks later, on Oct. 26, 2001, the USA Patriot Act was passed by a Congress that had little chance to debate it; many said that they scarcely had time to read it. We were told we were now on a “war footing”; we were in a “global war” against a “global caliphate” intending to “wipe out civilization.”

2. Create a gulag.

Once you have got everyone scared, the next step is to create a prison system outside the rule of law (as Bush put it, he wanted the American detention centre at Guantánamo Bay to be situated in legal “outer space”) — where torture can take place.

3. Develop a thug caste.

When leaders who seek what I call a “fascist shift” want to close down an open society, they send paramilitary groups of scary young men out to terrorize citizens. The Blackshirts roamed the Italian countryside beating up communists; the Brownshirts staged violent rallies throughout Germany. This paramilitary force is especially important in a democracy: You need citizens to fear thug violence, and so you need thugs who are free from prosecution.

4. Set up an internal surveillance system.

In closed societies, this surveillance is cast as being about “national security”; the true function is to keep citizens docile and inhibit their activism and dissent.

5. Harass citizens’ groups.

A little-noticed new law has redefined activism such as animal rights protests as “terrorism.” So the definition of “terrorist” slowly expands to include the opposition.

6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release.

“Have you been in any peace marches? We ban a lot of people from flying because of that,” asked the airline employee. Anti-war marcher? Potential terrorist. Support the Constitution? Potential terrorist. History shows that the categories of “enemy of the people” tend to expand ever deeper into civil life.

7. Target key individuals.

Threaten civil servants, artists and academics with job loss if they don’t toe the line. Mussolini went after the rectors of state universities who did not conform to the fascist line; so did Joseph Goebbels, who purged academics who were not pro-Nazi; so did Chile’s Augusto Pinochet; so does the Chinese communist Politburo in punishing pro-democracy students and professors. Elsewhere, a CIA contract worker who said in a closed blog that “waterboarding is torture” was stripped of the security clearance she needed in order to do her job. Most recently, the administration purged eight U.S. attorneys for what looks like insufficient political loyalty.

8. Control the press.

You won’t have a shutdown of news in modern America — it is not possible. But you can have, as Frank Rich and Sidney Blumenthal have pointed out, a steady stream of lies polluting the news well. What you already have is a White House directing a stream of false information that is so relentless that it is increasingly hard to sort out truth from untruth.

9. Dissent equals treason.

Cast dissent as “treason” and criticism as “espionage.” Every closing society does this, just as it elaborates laws that increasingly criminalize certain kinds of speech and expand the definition of “spy” and “traitor.” When Bill Keller, the publisher of the New York Times, ran the Lichtblau/Risen stories, Bush called the Times’ leaking of classified information “disgraceful,” while Republicans in Congress called for Keller to be charged with treason, and right-wing commentators and news outlets kept up the “treason” drumbeat. Some commentators, as Conason noted, reminded readers, smugly, that one penalty for violating the Espionage Act is execution. n Stalin’s Soviet Union, dissidents were “enemies of the people.” National Socialists called those who supported Weimar democracy “November traitors.”

10. Suspend the rule of law.

Even as Americans were focused on Britney Spears’s meltdown and the question of who fathered Anna Nicole’s baby, the New York Times editorialized about this shift: “A disturbing recent phenomenon in Washington is that laws that strike to the heart of American democracy have been passed in the dead of night … Beyond actual insurrection, the president may now use military troops as a domestic police force in response to a natural disaster, a disease outbreak, terrorist attack or any ‘other condition.'”

It is a mistake to think that early in a fascist shift you see the profile of barbed wire against the sky. In the early days, things look normal on the surface; peasants were celebrating harvest festivals in Calabria in 1922; people were shopping and going to the movies in Berlin in 1931. Early on, as W.H. Auden put it, the horror is always elsewhere — while someone is being tortured, children are skating, ships are sailing.

“The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, in the same hands … is the definition of tyranny,” wrote James Madison.


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  1. John Newell Says:

    21)The Dark History of the New World Order and the EU TOP
    The idea of a one world government originated in ancient times. Darius
    the Great conquered much of the world. Alexander the Great would have
    conquered the World had he not died young. The Romans did create a
    one World government. Plato wrote a book, called “The Republic”, post-
    ulating a one World government, ruled by philosopher-kings and admin-
    istered by a guardian class. The “Republic” is the powerful inspiration for
    our present political system. In addition, the British, French, Spanish
    and Pan-Germans established their versions of a one World government in
    their colonies. And many would have established a one World government
    if they had the resources.
    In the Middle Ages, communication was poor. What thought there was,
    was committed to religion, and there was no new World order activity.
    There were three developments that were of later importance.
    One development was the Crusades. As a result of the Crusades
    the west learned of Islamic secret societies —-the Hashemites
    being the best example. The secret societies were organized in layers.
    The members of all layers were kept ignorant of next higher layer. Pro-
    -mising members were inducted the next higher layer and indoctrinated
    in the beliefs of that layer. The first layer was orthodox Islam. The sec-
    ond layer believed in a more moderate form of Islam. The next layer,
    in agnosticism. The next layer, in Atheism. (ref: Nesta Webster)
    International banking in the Middle Ages was difficult. If a sovereign
    defaulted, the bankers could not collect. If an individual defaulted,
    the banker would lose in biased and corrupt courts of the defaulters
    country. The international bankers responded by forming a very
    cohesive banking community, sending their sons to each other for
    training etc. In the Middle Ages, nationalism was weak and the co-
    hesiveness of the bankers was strong; they, in effect, formed a pow-
    erful sovereign country. The bankers were, and still are, more loyal to
    their own sovereign country than to the counties of which they are subjects.
    One of the methods of controlling a country was to finance, or threat-
    ten to finance, the country’s enemies. The bankers have no qualms
    about causing war and misery. They prided themselves in having nerves
    of steel. Any banker who had qualms about they were doing was derided
    as having lost his nerve. Their descendents still have the same attitude.
    In the Middle Ages almost everybody was illiterate and innumerate,
    some times even monarchs. On the other hand, the Jews were literate
    and numerate. Their economic activity being limited to money lending, the
    Jews were excellent accountants. The Jews were very efficient and had secure
    communication with other Jews many hundred of miles away. Because
    of their abilities, the Jews became treasurers ( and military procurers)
    to the monarchs. Using their positions as treasurers, the Jews (actually
    Jewish families) became very rich, though not as rich as their monarchs.
    These Jewish families were called “Hofjuden” meaning Court Jews. The
    Hofjuden adopted the ways of aristocrats. They owned large houses
    with servants, were clean, wore fine clothes, owned horses and carriages
    and practiced courtly manners. The ordinary Jews, on the other hand,
    were, due to economic restrictions, coarse, uncouth, filthy and dressed in
    rags. The Hofjuden held the ordinary Jew in complete contempt and called
    them Goyim which means cattle (not gentile). This contempt still exists to
    this very day. The Hofjuden acquiesced, even encouraged, pogroms as
    they contributed to Jewish cohesiveness and control, by the Hofuden, of
    ordinary Jews. Some of the earlier Hofjuden families were the Eliases,
    Cohens, Montefiores, Sassoons, etc. Later Hofjuden were the Rothschilds
    and the Bronfmans. The Rothschilds were, by far, the most successful and
    richest Hofjuden. It would be impossible tell how rich they were, as the
    super rich have a custom of hiding their wealth by putting it in the legal own-
    ership of others who act as fronts. The Hofjuden, though, to this day, serve
    the descendents of the monarchs of old, making wars, depressions, trading in
    narcotics ( and alcohol during prohibition), money laundering, fraud, theft,
    and sucking nations dry. The monarchs of Europe are all descended from
    the Black Nobility of North-East Italy, and are all closely related to each
    through inter-marriage.
    In the beginning of the 17th century, the monarchs of Europe were abs-
    olute. During the 17th century, the bourgeois became very rich through
    trade and industry. The bourgeois pressured the monarchs for a constitu-
    tion and by the end of the 17th century the latter became constitution
    monarchs. Apparently the monarchs resented their loss of power. They
    could not regain their power through military force, though. They resorted
    to subterfuge, deception and formed, together with some other wealthy
    persons and the most brilliant scholars of the day, an organization called
    the “Illuminati”, although the monarchs did not become members at first,
    on May the first 1776. The principles of the Illuminati were as follows:
    1) Eliminate all tariffs and nation states, to be replaced by a World
    2) Eliminate all monarchies, they, one assumes, to become
    3) Eliminate the aristocracy
    4) Abolish all property and wealth
    5) Abolish religion
    6) Abolish the family, to be replaced by communal living
    7) Reject adherence to any moral principles
    8) Reduce the size of the World population, about which they rather
    It has been pointed out that it would be difficult to find any reasons
    why the Illuminati would want abolish their own wealth. Possible
    answers are:
    1) They were altruistic
    2) They would award themselves unlimited stipends
    3) They would abolish only the wealth of others
    Another question that might be asked is why they put in time and
    effort to organize the Illuminati. Possible answers are:
    1) They were altruistic
    2) They were infected with the obsession with the rationality of the
    Eighteenth century
    3) They were unhappy with the bourgeois restrictions on their
    activities and wished to return to the unrestrictive Middle Ages.
    4) They had few books, no TV, radio nor cinema and were thrilled
    by the intrigue
    In 1785 some incriminating Illuminati documents were discovered and
    some individuals went to prison for conspiring to overthrow the Bavarian
    government. The organization was dissolved. The members, however,
    were so enthusiastic about the idea that continued the organization in
    an informal manner, without name, headquarters, letterhead, formal
    meetings, accounts or publications. Their disseminata were published
    in obscure publications, written in obscure language.
    The descendents of the Illuminati, as well as their British equivalents
    (who did not descend from the Illuminati) are frequently referred to as
    “Illuminati”, although there is now no such formal organization. To fur-
    ther their power, the Illuminati infiltrated many organisations, incl-
    uding masons, satanic and occult organizations. Because of the secrecy
    of the Illuminati, and their exploitive involvement in the occult, they have
    attracted the attention of enthusiasts of the occult and fantasy and are
    featured in many of their books. The Illuminati were strictly rational.
    One such book is “Illuminatus!” by Robert Anton Wilson. Wilson’s book
    introduced many to knowledge of the Illuminati, but in a rather confused
    manner. Another group that is interested in the Illuminati are fundament-
    alist Christians who are excised by involvement with Satanism. This is
    the reason why most of the writers who write about the Illuminati are
    fundamentalist, or near fundamentalist, Christians.
    The History of the New World Order (of which the EU is part)
    has been intelligently described by David Icke in his books. Icke also
    made the incredible statement, amongst others, that the Queen of
    England turns into a reptile each night. This statement made Icke
    appear so ridiculous in the eyes of the British public that they became
    incredulous of everything that Icke wrote. So incredulous is the public
    that the reptile story has the hallmark of the Tavistock Institute. The
    Tavistock Institute, amongst other responsibilities, has the function of
    issuing spurious horror stories in time of war (the Kuwaiti baby bassinet
    story was theirs): in time of peace, controlling the thoughts and conscious-
    ness of the public through control of the media. Ickes’ account of the
    New World Order is consistent with accounts in the approximately two
    dozen books listed below. None claim that Queen turns into a reptile at
    night. According to James Casbolt, a British Military Intelligence no. six
    ( MI6 ) whistleblower, MI6 found that the way to create max-
    imum confusion on the part of the public, was to mix one part non-
    sense to three parts of intelligent information.
    The first effort by the Illuminati to form a one World government was
    the provocation of the French Revolution. Before the Revolution the
    Illuminati bankers send a very capable financial expert called Jacques
    Necker to straighten out the finances of King Louis XVI. Instead Necker
    ruined the economy of France. In 1789 hordes of foreigners were sent
    to Paris to foment riots, including the storming of the Bastile. The major
    figures of the Revolution, were members of the Illuminati. Excessive
    violence turned the public against the Revolution. Before the French
    had decided what to do, another Illuminati agent, Napoleon Buonaparte,
    roused the population to fight for a French Empire. Napoleon was highly
    successful, but had too big an ego for the Illuminati and was destroyed by
    them by withholding supplies during his Russian campaign.
    The second attempt to form a one World government was the Congress of
    Vienna, which was frustrated by the Czar of Russia. The third attempt
    was the Revolutions of 1848, for which Karl Marx was commissioned by
    an Illuminati member, Friedrich Engels, to integrate the ideas of the Illum-
    inati, developed during the French Revolution, into the Communist Man-
    ifesto. Due to inept planning, the revolutions failed. The fourth attempt was
    the provocation of the American civil war in order to break the United
    States into many small entities so that they could be controlled by debt.
    The fifth attempt was the First World War. The purpose of the war was
    to so exhaust and demoralise the population of Europe so that they would
    agree to their countries joining the League of Nations which would then
    be used to form a one world government. Senator Cabot Lodge prev-
    ented the United States from joining, thus mortally weakening the League.
    Possibly, because the Illuminati feared an economic threat from a
    Russia (with eleven time zones), they financed the Bolsheviks with
    20 Million Dollars, allowing them to triumph. The Illuminati lost
    control a short time afterwards. The Illuminati wanted to replace the
    corrupt and inefficient Weimar Republic with an efficient dictator. To
    this end, they financed Hitler, allowing him to take control of Germany.
    Hitler was kept under control by debt, the usual method of control.
    Hitler, however, developed a very efficient barter system and escaped
    the control of the Illuminati. Horrified by the person they put in power,
    they made Britain declare war on Germany, even though Britain had no
    vital interest in Europe. The United States was also ordered to declare
    war on Germany by Britain, which she did, after great difficulty.
    The story of the British “Illuminati” begins with King Henry the VIII.
    The King confiscated the monasteries and extensive monastery lands
    and sold them, at low prices, to his greatest allies, the Cecils, Caven-
    dishes, Russells, Bacons and Seymours. As a result, these families
    became very rich. The Cecils are the most powerful family and
    gained control of, and still controls, England, and now, Great Britain.
    William Cecil, Lord Burghley, the son of the first important Cecil, was
    adviser to Queen Elizabeth. In 1620 the Cecils started trading in nar-
    cotics and became even richer. The richest 300 persons of England
    formed the British East India Company or “BEIC” and became even
    richer. King George III, a Hanover, was a shareholder. The Han-
    overs were brought to Great Britain by the Cecil family and controls
    the Hanovers to this day. After a disasterous famine in the 1840ies
    BEIC was dissolved. The share holders, however, continued on
    investing as the “Committee of 300”.
    . .
    A group of Oxford University artists, called the Pre-Raphaelites, hated
    the Industrial Revolution and longed for the simpler Middle Ages. They
    were very attracted to Plato’s Republic and induced the British powerful
    to up-date the “Republic” into the British version: The British Empire,
    which, previously, was a completely private affair, to became a Govern-
    ment enterprise. The Pre-Raphaelites, not wanting to administer the Em-
    pire, formed a secret group called “The Round Table” to administer the
    The British controlled the seas and were heavily involved in trade, did not
    have to maintain a large army, are surrounded by water, did not suffer
    the devastation of war, and the Cecils became richer than the European
    Illuminati. Subsequently they dominated the latter. The organising group is
    called “The Bilderbergers”. The annual meetings of the Bilderbergers, the
    first of which was in 1954 AD, are attended by the top politicians, the top
    generals, the top business executives, the top bankers, etc of the most
    powerful countries of the world.The attendees give their annual report and
    receive their instructions for the next year from the Cecils/Illuminati.

    In the early part of the Nineteenth century, the British aristocrats were very
    rich and America was dirt poor. The British invested very heavily in America
    and, by 1820 AD, controlled the top corporations of the time and still
    control the top corporations of today, as well as America through the Coun-
    cil for Foreign Relations.
    The Illuminati, after many failures, decided, after WWII, on a totally
    different approach to establishing a new world order. Instead of promoting
    Charismatic leaders, they decided on a more methodical way by establishing
    many bureaucracies and slowly signing many under-publicised treaties that
    would gradually result in a politically integrated Europe and, later, a politically
    integrated Western Hemisphere and a politically integrated Pacific Rim.
    The new approach was based on a book written by a Nazi General, Reinhard
    Heydrich. The whole process is controlled by the Illuminati through the
    Bilderbergers and the Tri-lateral Comission. The next dramatic action will be
    the political merger of Canada, Mexico and the United States.
    Historiographical standards and academic standards for political science and
    history are devices to control history and political science by the
    Establishment. The standards demand that all History and Political Science
    be based on documents about which there is no controversy what-so-ever.
    Obviously inculpating documents will either not be written, be carefully
    hidden or destroyed. In real life, such high standards are unnecessary, would
    limit information of great importance and are not used. Many a deadly danger
    has been avoided, many an empire built with not one piece of information
    that is up to historiographical standards The Illuminati, being a secret society,
    releases no inculpating documents. However, there are documents that meet
    historiographical standards. The first documents were seized in a police raid
    of the Illuminati headquarters in 1785 AD. They are still available to be seen.
    John Robison, a Scottish professor of theology, joined the Illuminati and
    wrote an expose called “Proofs of a Conspiracy”. To warn other
    governments of the Illuminati, the Bavarian government published a book
    called “Original Writings of the Order of the Illuminati”. The next insight was
    “The Communist Manifesto” written by Karl Marx who was commissioned
    by Fredrich Engels, who was a member of the Illuminati. The “protocols of
    the Illuminati”, as David Icke called them, were disguised as the “Protocols
    of the Elders of Zion”. There is no direct evidence that the protocols origin-
    ated with the Illuminati. The Illuminati origin is assumed because the proto-
    cols are an amplification of prior Illuminati ideas and most of the intents
    enumerated by the Protocols have been have become reality. Another
    source is the book “Tragedy and Hope” by Carroll Quigley, a brilliant
    historian who had access to Illuminati secrets. John Coleman worked for
    MI6, resigned in disgust and got a doctoral degree in History. He wrote three
    books exposing the conspiracy. There are many other authors who have writ-
    ten about the New World Order: Emanuel M. Josephson, John A. Stormer,
    Ralph Epperson, probably the clearest writer, Eustace Mullins, W. Cleon
    Skousen, Antony Sutton, A. N Field, Gary Allen, William Guy Carr, etc.
    One hundred years ago and more, knowledge about the Illuminati was more
    widespread. Since that time, the Illuminati have gained control of all small to
    large publishers, all periodicals, even left wing ones such as “News Statesman
    and Nation”, “The Nation”, “The New Republic” etc, and all newspapers.
    The Illuminati control all radio stations and all TV stations. They do not con-
    trol the internet, however. The media that the Illuminati control produces so
    much information that any dissident information is drowned out. The few
    people who write about the Illuminati are either ridiculed, demonized or
    trivialized, using sophisticated techniques developed by the Tavistock
    Institute of Britain.
    It would be in the interest of Jews, rather than ignoring, to learn about the
    Hofjuden; to learn about the rational basis of antisemitism. Jews could learn,
    for example, not to be surprised should there be pogroms in Russia, given
    that Russian gentiles know that 19th century organized crime was mostly
    Jewish; that 97% of the Communist revolutionaries were Jewish; that the
    Bolshevik Revolution was financed by the Hofjuden; that Hitler was financed,
    in 1928 and 1932, by the Hofjuden; that the present, disasterous, Russian
    free market economy was foisted on them by the Hofuden and that to this
    present day Russian organized crime is mostly Jewish.
    The political model followed by the Illuminati and the organisers of the Brit-
    ish Empire ( The British version of the New World Order ) is the ancient
    Greeks. Both the English organiser, John Ruskin, and the Illuminati organ-
    iser, Adam Weishaupt, were constantly seen with Plato’s “Republic” in their
    hands. The Greek empire, however, lasted only a few hundred years and the
    Greeks were extremely quarrelsome and difficult to lead. But Plato’s
    “Republic” was very popular in the Enlightenment and was the sole political
    model, so that the Illuminati had to accept it.
    A political model more conducive to the ends of the Illuminati and the Cecil
    family would be the ancient Egyptian empire. The empire lasted four thousand
    years and might have lasted eight thousand years had it not been destroyed
    by climactic change. There were no revolts, so the slave population must
    been very docile and the administrative class very obedient. there are many
    clues that the ancient Egyptians were the real preference of the Illuminati and
    the Cecil family. For example, the one Dollar bill is redolent with Egypt sym-
    bols, and the Denver international airport is bespangled with ancient Egyptian
    symbols. There are so many ancient Egytian symbols in the construction of
    Washington, DC that there is a whole book describing them.

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  2. John Newell Says:

    Psycheocracy (Selection of Leaders based on personality)TOP
    Representative democracy has not worked. A group of one Hundred people
    can elect an honest, capable, political representative because every mem-
    ber of the group knows each other intimately. However with a group
    of one Hundred Thousand people, any potential leader is only known to
    0.1 percent of the group, and the group, as a whole, can know no one,
    democracy in large groups is defeated. In practice, several opportunist
    groups form and each puts up a candidate and the voters can only vote
    for the least worst. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem:
    Form a local political club ( or association ), then advertise for one hun-
    dred or one thousand applicants for the position of primary ( or pros-
    pective ) candidate. The club should then should use rigorous tests, inc-
    luding psychological evaluation, to select the best applicant for the club
    for the position of primary candidate. The club should then run its can-
    didate against the machine ( Establishment ) primary candidate and win,
    then run its candidate against the opposition party candidate and win.
    The club’s candidate will be able to say that he was selected in an open
    The candidate could, further more, say that his competitor was selected
    from two or three party hacks selected in a smoke filled back room
    one the basis of the competitor’s loyalty to corporate PACs and the party
    machine, not to the voters.
    The voters then will have a Congressman ( or MP ) who is honest, capable,
    and loyal to his constituency, not to PACs ( or the Establishment ). The
    political club will, most likely, be able to control state and municipal elec-
    tions as well.
    The greatest difference, by far, is between the PAC controlled candidates
    and the PAC free candidates, rather than between Democrat and Republican
    ( or between Conservative or Labour ) candidates, often called Republicrats.
    Large institutions of all kinds use rigorous tests and psychological evaluation
    almost all the time for the selection of important personnel with great success.
    This method of selection could also be successfully used in politics.
    Psycheocratic selection would completely eliminate the problem of PAC
    control, so much discussed at present. The PAC candidate requires such
    an enormous amount of money (on average, 1,000,000 Dollars) to convince
    very skeptical voters that they are free from PAC control. The psycheo-
    cratic candidate, of course, will require far less campaign contributions,
    which he will be to raise from individuals. Representative Carolyn
    McCarthy (of the Long Island Railroad shootings) raised 1.3 million Dollars
    from individual contributors. Three quarters of elected representatives are
    well regarded by their constituencies: yet the country is going down hill at
    high speed. The reason for this contradiction is that our political represen-
    tatives are all very personable (as are, or were, all politicians after Attilla
    the Hun) and assiduously help their constituents with many minor problems
    with the respective governments. The real damage that the politicians do
    to us and our country is done by voting for outrageous bills that are little
    noticed, or not reported at all. Bills that take away our civil rights; that
    support the waste of billions of Dollars by the military; that allows our
    food to be contaminated by herbicides; that givesbillions ofDollarsto
    millionaire farmers and none to poor farmers; that gives tax breaks only
    to the rich, even rebates; and much, much more.

    For organising the election of psycheocratic political representatives,
    the following is suggested: First, independent, bipartisan committees should
    be formed of ten to twenty people across the nation. The Establishment
    will, of course, be very interested in infiltrating committees as well as by
    freelance opportunists, lunatics and various political groups; so it would
    be advisable to involve, say, three psychologists and three lawyers to
    keep undesireables out. This vetting should be applied to club members and
    club candidates. To prevent the political reputation of the organising comm-
    ittee, if any, from spreading to the clubs that they form, and to discourage
    undesireables, the members of organising committees should be prevented
    from joining the clubs that they form for a period of time. The formation of
    a right replacement party and a left replacement party, to which only Con-
    vative Party and labour Party members, respectively, are admitted, is sugg-

    Activists, when at the end of their tether, decide that the thing to do is to
    “educate the public”. Unfortunately, that is very difficult. To start, main-
    stream publications will not print or broadcast material that inimical to the
    interests of the Establishment. And advertising is expensive; some activist
    organisations can afford to advertise, but they are controlled by the Estab-
    lishment. Then, if activists do pay to disseminate their information, the
    public is not very interested. If, in the rare occasions that the public might
    be interested, the Establishment will be destroy the credibility of the inform-
    ation and activists, who will be made to look like dangerous fools, if not
    worst. As a matter of policy, the Establishment showers a Niagra of inform-
    ation on the public day and night, ably controlled by the Tavistock institute,
    which is the Establisnment’s instrument of psychological control and disinform-
    ation. The idea presented above will only require little very education for the
    public: that new political parties are designed to replace the old political par-
    ties, and that the candidates would be selected scientifically from a large pool
    of applicants.

    It might advantageous to set up a alternative or shadow congress. (or par-
    liament ) The shadow congress could perform the following functions:

    1) Advise the present Congress
    2) Lobby or pressure the present Congress
    3) In case of a political or social breakdown, replace the present
    4) Provide candidates for the present Congress in the next election

    Shadow Congressional candidates could be selected as described above.

  3. John Newell Says:

    Oppose Oppression with Ten Billion Pricks

    Organised opposition to an oppressor requires leaders, who will
    then be eliminated. But the oppressor can still be opposed by the
    oppressed if every one were to attack the oppressor daily with a
    series of little pin pricks. The pricks would demoralised the opp-
    ressor and raised the morale of the oppressed. Some possible ex-
    amples are as follows:

    1)Never show intelligence or initiative when working for the
    bene fit of the oppressor

    2) Only understand the simplest of instructions

    3) Commit many acts of minor or symbolic destruction

    4) Be inefficient when working for the oppressor

    5) Leak the oppressor’s secrets slowly

    6) Act on behalf of the individual, not oppressor

    7) Act a bit strangely

    8) Arrange objects in patterns that are understood to be a
    Protest against against the oppressor

    9) Walk in a counter-clockwise direction when going through
    intersection or circle, if possible, to show opposition to the

    10) Avoid streets and locations, if possible, associated
    with the oppressor

    11) Do not join any judicial or security organisation unless
    to oppose the oppressor. All members of security
    forces will be expected to swear loyalty to the opp-
    ressed and to do their best to help oppressed.

    12) When appropriate, members of security forces shall
    Make their superiors less effective at oppression, unless
    The superiors make their superiors less effective

    13) vote and attend mandatory meetings as late as possible

    14) work to rule

    15) in the street, gather in bunches with other unknown walkers

    16) walk in lock step

    17) every should get into minor trouble

    18) disable illegitimate surveillance equipment, etc

    19) laugh and ridicule the oppressor

    20) invent, invent, think, adapt, reject, add

    21) do what other people do, so that all will
    do the same, to indicate solidarity.

    22) have fun

    23) take photographs of the oppressor’s personnel

    24) distribute

    25) Attend all acceptable Rallies, even if boring

    26) Although criminals may also be oppressed, they
    are untrustworthy and must be controlled

    27) In opposing oppression, the existing networks
    of friends, relatives, etc., should be used.

    28) Any member of the oppressor who oppresses
    an oppressed individual should be dealt with
    appropriately. The network of persons working
    for the oppressor in any capacity should make
    sure that his loyalty be to the oppressed and
    that all his acts are to help the oppressed

    29) Use irony

    30) Anybody who knows a relative of a leader
    of the oppresser, should pressure the relative
    to pressure the leader to desist from oppression

    31) The relatives of oppressive leaders are to
    pressure them to desist from oppression

    32) If members should be dissatisfied with their
    organization’s leaders, they should form a
    parallel organization to better combat their

    33) Explain Common purpose the Frankfurt School,
    World Control, FEMA cemetaries, hysterical
    concern about over population, and their
    solution for it.

    34) Organise indoor activities for people living
    on a street, and, perhaps also near by streets.
    For example, Bridge, Canaster Scrabble etc.
    Also traveling.

    35) Form or strenghen street associations

    36) Every person working for the oppressor
    shall be expected to swear their loyalty
    to the oppressed in front of closest part
    their of network.

  4. prayerwarriorpsychicnot Says:

    Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs.

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